Janna of Castle Ambrose: The Serpent Riders Book One

New Adult

The Castle Ambrose is attacked and suffers a bloody massacre. The Duke’s sons, Pembroke, and Seldon are taken away as prisoners while the rest of the Duke’s family is killed. Janna and her mother are spared. Growing up, Janna spent many hours with her grandfather, considered insane because of his wild tales of sea serpents. Janna’s mother treats her cruelly and encourages her to prostitute herself to earn money. But, Janna has a secret: she can freeze people. So, men think they have been pleasured while Janna is paid for services not rendered. One day, sitting in the dungeon, thinking about her grandfather, a sea serpent raises his head out of the water on the far side. Janna is frightened at first, but soon befriends the serpent and names him Hartley, after her grandfather, and now knows he was sane. Can Janna escape her mother and save Pembroke and Seldon?

“Janna of Castle Ambrose” has something for everyone; magic, sword fighting, sea serpents and rebellion. Janna is a brilliant heroine who is afraid of nothing which gets her in interesting situations leaving the reader sitting on the edge of their chair, waiting to see the end result. Pembroke is the perfect anti-hero with no conscience and is very deceiving at first. There are many typos and various misuses of words such as “past” for “passed” and “caste” for “castle”. It is easy to become ensconced in this story. A fantastical novel, this is definitely a must read!

Belinda Wilson