It’s in the Blood

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Before heading off to college, Gabrielle Madson and her parents go on a summer trip that turns out wildly different from what she imagined. She’s barely arrived in Kenya when she has a chilly encounter with a strange animal—if it’s even an animal. Things calm down for a while, until her third week there when she meets Josh van Ness and his sister Chris. She and Josh connect on a lot of levels, and the chemistry between them is so strong she can’t deny she’s pulled toward him. But at the same time, Gabby feels he’s hiding things… and then she’s forced to make a decision that can change everything. 


Gabby has a strong personality. She’s intelligent, friendly, caring, and she’s willing to risk everything for the people she loves. Her relationship with her family is touching. It’s not often that books, especially ones regarding travel and exploring new continents, also focus on the family relationship, and that’s an excellent addition to the story here. It makes Gabby sound more realistic – the other characters make her personality stand out. 


Josh is a typical alpha male, and while he does have characteristics that make him stand out, he could be improved to be a more original character. The storyline is interesting and offers surprises along the way, the world-building is solid and the writing is good too. Although the book is 400 pages, it hardly feels that way. "It's in the Blood" is a solid, engrossing YA read.


Majanka Verstraete