Huntress Found (The Timekeeper's War Book 1)

New Adult

FANTASY/SCI-FI MASHUP:  Evryn has always known she was different.  Other people sense it as well.  Why else was she shuttled from foster home to foster home her whole life?  No one else she knows has the unenviable talent for finding missing persons.  When she feels the Call, she must follow it until she finds who she is looking for.


Then a man named Seeker finds her.  It seems that he has been searching for her for years.  Evryn is no ordinary human and her talent for finding things may just save multiple worlds and dimensions.  With the help of Seeker, she must find and destroy a weapon that can rip apart the fabric of time and space itself.

“Huntress Found” grabs the reader from its first exciting page to the last.  Evryn is no ordinary heroine and this is no ordinary tale.  Full of twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing, Ms. Chamberlynn has woven an original and creative world with her fantastic prose.  With an unpredictable plot and engaging fully formed characters, “Huntress” is the first in a series that delivers a great story as a stand-alone. The story takes place across multiple dimensions and this sometimes slows the story down.  However, this minor flaw is easily overcome by Ms. Chamerlynn’s wonderful storytelling.   A nice blending of science-fiction and romance, Ms. Chamerlynn is off to a great start in her series!

Gwenellen Tarbet