House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy Book 1)

New Adult

In the kingdom of Orynthia, four houses advise the royal family. Each house has a single Haidren, or advisor, as well as an al’Haidren, who is next in line. Luscia Tiergan is the al’Haidren for Boreal. The Boreal is looked upon by other houses as evil witches. Her introduction to court life is fraught with tension as Zaethan, the al’Haidren to Darakai, antagonizes Luscia. When Luscia discovers an increasing number of murdered children of Boreali blood, she feels she must investigate. As conflicts boil over and political intrigue reigns supreme, Zaethan and Luscia begin to find they have more in common than they previously thought.

A magician of world-building, K.L. Kolarich creates a realm like no other with such vivid language that readers can practically see it as a movie in their minds. This creation develops into a intriguing, exciting story after a slightly slow and difficult to follow start. The fantastical languages of the book often require the use of the glossary. The definition of these foreign terms can at times be inferred from surrounding context clues, but many times they cannot. Once the reader becomes familiar with the terminology, they can begin to be drawn in to the story. The world-building cannot be beat. The characters, particularly Luscia and Zaethan, are well-developed and grow and change throughout the story. The dialogue is distinct between characters. Despite complicated plot lines and elaborate political schemes, the plot is paced exactly right to keep readers engrossed. Those seeking an intricate, sophisticated, and perfectly crafted fantasy world will find their grail in the ethereal language of “House of Bastiion”.

Shailyn Rogers