Her Tale Was Told in Whispers

New Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  When our “new kid” narrator first saw Marcy, she was essentially being tortured by her fellow peers. Noticeably living below the poverty line, she still had a naive outlook on life with childlike beliefs. Unbeknownst to her bullies, she had experienced traumatic incidents beyond her years. A motherless child raised in seclusion by her strict grandmother, she walks as if she is carrying the burdens of the world. Our guide through this tale finds himself drawn to this haunted-looking girl, knowing that forming a bond with her will leave him ostracized by his classmates. Years later when their paths cross again, he finds himself longing after the woman that Marcy has become. However, when the secret behind a horrible accident from their childhood comes to light, our narrator will find himself questioning everything he thought he knew. 

This uniquely written coming-of-age tale will have the reader riding a roller coaster of emotions from start to finish! The descriptive writing is the book’s strongest trait, as the author weaves beautiful words together to paint the story laid before the reader. The plot near the end of the story is very satisfying with its tension-building climax. However, the characters have no real development throughout the tale and seem to remain the same, despite the circumstances they endure. One will notice that several sentences seem to run and on with no end in sight. Additionally, there are some grammar and punctuation errors littered throughout that will pull the reader right out of the story. Mr. Katsonga’s tale with its twist ending will leave the reader wishing for just one more page!

Jen Griffin