Heir of Doom (The Roxanne Fosch Files #2)

Jina S.
New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Roxanne Fosch is a Hunter, a tribe of people who are the rule enforcers for preternatural beings. As her training begins with the hard-nosed Diggy, Roxanne learns more of her powers — and the unveiled hostility of her fellow Hunters, and the danger she is in from her own kind. In order to save herself and those she loves, Roxanne will choose between becoming a traitor to her own kind or succumb to the evil influences of Remo to protect her friends.

"Heir of Doom" has a lot of action, fight sequences, and colorful descriptions of scenes. The author does a good job of conveying the pain and turmoil of Roxanne’s training sessions and the underlying suspicion of Roxanne’s fellow Hunters. The reader may find the book difficult to follow at times, and figuring out what kind of “being” some of the characters are may prove a challenge.  Reading the first book in the series is recommended in order to get to know the characters, what they are, and to learn Roxanne’s back-story. Another issue is editing. The reader is pulled from the story by overuse of the same words and long descriptions, which interrupt the natural pace and flow of the story.  

The book ends on a high note, however, as the story arc becomes clear. A couple of surprise plot twists and an abrupt cliff-hanger will make the reader wonder what will happen in the next book. 

Carly Fulmer