Heat: An Alpha Male Criminal Romance (A Hotter Than Hell Novel Book 1)

Holly S.
New Adult

Madison Kinlock is a cop turned PI after an off-duty accident injured her so badly she couldn’t return to work. Moon is a crime boss in Phoenix whose specialties are drugs, weapons, and women. When one of her cases brings her face to face with Moon, Madison thinks her time is up. Luckily for her, he is as attracted to her as much as she is mesmerized by his deep blue eyes. Fighting for justice on opposite sides of the law, Madison wrestles with her conscience as she falls for this bad boy. 


This story examines the dichotomy that is the human psyche. Characters are not all good or bad, but all have certain redeeming features. The three main characters, Madison, Moon, and Gomez are all strong, well-written, with a lot of depth. The secondary characters are two-dimensional when placed beside these main players. Be prepared to be shocked; there is a lot of graphic violence in this novel that includes several murders. At times this is a disconcerting novel that leaves the reader feeling ill-at-ease. This is an artfully written piece that has endearing characters that the reader will find easy to take to heart. Ms. Roberts captures the very essence of the criminal element that is the very soul of this novel.


Belinda Wilson