Like a Girl: (Completion #5)

Holly S.
New Adult

Jordan Givens has worked hard to fulfill her dream of playing professional football in the NFL, and when she’s hired as a kicker for the New Mexico Pronghorns, she’s ecstatic. However, even though the Pronghorns are the worst team in the league and desperately need players, they’re not thrilled to have the first woman to play professional football on their team. Even bad-boy quarterback Aiden Patrickson has issues with Jordan playing, despite the fact that he’s attracted to her. Things get complicated when Aiden and Jordan engage in an intimate tumble in a hotel room.

This new adult romance is a charming tale of dreams coming true and finding love. A little slow to start as the necessary background is introduced, it nonetheless, picks up speed and draws the reader in as the story unfolds. With protagonists that are likeable and engaging and a plot that moves at a comfortable pace, one roots for the underdog as the pages are turned. A fun and lighthearted tale, it keeps one on the edge of their seat with sizzling chemistry, witty banter, and smoldering passion. In addition, the spunky heroine, good family values, and captivating romance all mesh together to make this not only an inspirational tale of dreams fulfilled, but also a sexy love story that leaves one feeling good when all is said and done.  

Janna Shay