F*THS (Friends That Have Sex #1)

New Adult

Teddy King is trouble with a capital T.  Not only is she trouble, but she could be in a lot of it if the secret she has concealed gets out. Asher Rose is well aware that he could be in for the ride of his life when he gets involved with Teddy and that's ok. But when stronger feelings start to develop and they become closer, he knows he's in deep. The messy love triangle between Asher, Reggie and Teddy is one of those things they'll need to work through.


This book is packed with emotion, not just from the two main characters but the secondary ones as well. Teddy has a lot to deal with and some readers might relate to what she is going through and they will relate to the story. In certain places, the feelings are a little messy and it can be difficult to determine exactly what is going on. As relationships go, Teddy and Asher's relationship is as fast-paced as the rest of the story. There are a few explicit sex scenes that although enjoyable to read, lacked raw emotion. G.L. Tomas has written a promising first book of this series and it will be interesting to see how it progresses. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick