Firebird (Firebird Trilogy #1)

New Adult

Stephanie Hartwell is a sport journalist living with her fiancé in Seattle, Washington. Her career is progressing nicely, however, as a female she has to prove herself and pay her dues time and time again. When a story comes up about a famous Russian NHL hockey player she jumps at the chance and fights to get the interview. What she wasn’t expecting was Aleksandr Volynsky - taking her right back to high school when he first arrived as a foreign exchange student and it was first love for them both. Will he grant her the interview, and will he harm her career if he does? So many emotions and struggles to untangle. Can they remain professional and rekindle a friendship or have to say a final good-bye?


“Firebird” is a maze of emotions and strong willed characters. The hero and heroine are in a tug of war throughout the entire story, which will keep readers engaged. The Russian aspect of Aleksandr's personality are well done and his native tongue makes many appearances which, if translations were included would bring readers to a better understanding of his dialogue and mindset. The supporting characters make brief but poignant appearances. The plot takes some ugly turns with some delicate subject matter but it all unfolds in a somewhat realistic manner. The past with Stephanie and her father is vague but as this is book one of a series, perhaps more back story is coming in a future release. Ms. Loring found a way to intersect two unlikely athletes who are broken and weave their hearts to heal as one. 


Viola Robins