The Final Weekend: A Stoned Tale

New Adult

SATIRE:  Six college friends Harry, Justin, Trent, Clarence, Courtney and Ling-Ling spend the last blissful weekend together-filled with drugs, alcohol and sex before facing the real world. Friends with benefits, Harry and Courtney continue on with their physical intimacy, attempting to reach a true relationship while Ling-Ling and Justin’s relationship never takes off. Trent, who is never able to keep a job, and Clarence, the almost-cop, are joined by Schroeder who supplies the marijuana. Lastly, there is Professor Goodkat, the grownup who never left the college partying lifestyle and is the voice of reason for the group. The friends reminisce about the good and bad of spending their time together. As the weekend comes to a close and the companions face adulthood, they say good-bye to not only the university, but each other. 

This uncensored, witty, dark contemporary read is truly magnificent! The bittersweet insightful story moves deftly and quickly. The tale is told from multiple first-person points of view fleetingly, which amazingly doesn’t slow the pace down. Each character is described fully, with human goodness and vices. Sarcasm and humor are interlaced quite masterfully as the characters spend time together in the past as well as the present. Readers will easily relate  to the characters, reminded what it was like to be reckless and young but also learning to embrace the painful truths of being an adult.  As this beautifully crafted novel proceeds to its unique and fateful conclusion, readers will feel both extreme happiness and true anguish until the very end!

Roslynn Ernst