Fighting Pride (Deadly Sins)

New Adult

Cole and Tatum used to be together until tragedy broke both their hearts. Cole did what he thought was best for Tatum: he let her go. Five years later, Tatum returns and they meet up again. As they get to know each other once more, they both realize that what they felt for each other remains strong. But if there is any hope for them both, Cole needs to tell Tatum everything — from the reason he made her leave to the reason he can’t allow her to stay.

From the get go, Ms. Miller captures the heartbreak of her two characters sweetly without the added touch of saccharine prevalent in many New Adult novels. However, her characters are not as multifaceted as one might expect from an angst-filled love story. Cole is strong despite the fact that his trainer keeps hammering on his self-confidence until he feels that he has nothing left. He will hack it as long as Tatum is happy. Tatum starts as heartbroken and bewildered when Cole asks her to leave, but when she returns, readers can see her developing and growing into the character Ms. Miller set for her to be.

The plot is not so complicated that it will confuse readers, however, there is a twist in the tale that will make one say, “I didn’t see that coming!” These twists make readers clamor for more from a particular author. Ms. Miller is one of them.

M.P. Ceja