Faerie Magic (Curse of the Fae, Book 1)

New Adult

PARANORMAL: When foster teen, Coraline (Cora), accidentally bumps her head and falls face-first in water, she’s pulled into the strange and intriguing world of the Fae. Because it’s forbidden for a human to return to their own world once they’ve learned of the Fae, Cora is hauled away by the Fae guard and destined to be imprisoned and serve the heir to the Fae kingdom’s throne. Fortunately for Cora, Noah Driscoll doesn’t support using humans as a feeding/energy source. Cora and Noah work together to fool the others and embark on a secret they both must keep.

“Faerie Magic” begins with background on Cora and the unfortunate circumstances of her life as a foster child. The friendships she forms with the other fringe people who inhabit the local park give great insight into her personality, including her desire for independence. As well, the park people’s friendship toward Cora is well done. However, the beginning background moves a bit slowly, and some of the extra characters seem thrown in and not necessary to the story.  The independence Cora desires is the first thing she loses once she becomes a captive of the Fae. Noah shows great compassion in giving Cora a way to avoid being given to someone who’d have no qualms about feeding on her for energy. The development of Cora’s feelings for not only the Fae but, especially, for Noah is well done. The story is a standalone, with a conclusion, yet it also sets up the world itself for future stories. Fans of fantasy with a touch of romance will certainly relish “Faerie Magic.”

N.E. Kelley