New Adult

FANTASY:  “Dreamthief” begins in the contemporary world, but also takes side trips to Faythander, the land of the fairies. Occasionally when people are faced with a traumatic experience, their grip on their world splinters and they are drawn into a fairy world filled with magic, goblins, and dragons. When they return to their actual lives, they are often unsettled, confused, even depressed over something they can’t remember.

This is where Dr. Olive Kennedy steps in to help align the unsettled. Who better to deal with those touched by Elven magic than a half-elf? The wise-cracking heroine carries a gutted-out laptop instead of a medical case. Inside, she keeps magical figurines that help patients remember where they’ve been and what they’d seen. Olive is okay with balancing herself between two worlds: after all, it's how her life has always been. What she doesn’t expect is falling in love. That could be complicated.

“Dreamthief” is written in first person, which draws the reader into Olive’s world. The "wise beyond her years" character can sum people in a few words, but always has compassion no matter how weird they may seem. Ms. Grantham does a seamless job of blending the contemporary world with magical realm. The imagery is so vivid that the reader can feel the velvet moss underfoot and smell the sulfur-scented dragon’s breath. Even the secondary characters are fully fleshed out. This is a fun read for both teens and adults that springs to life from the very first sentence. Two thumbs up for Fairy World MD series!

Morgan Stamm