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HISTORICAL:  Ten-year-old Rolf is a descendent of Merlin. Abandoned by his father, he is raised by another and trained as a knight in order to break the family curse. Rolf must marry for true love without the use of deceit or sorcery to break the curse. Unfortunately the woman he dreams of and longs for, Melissa Garrick, is betrothed to another.

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  “Time is not a river.

Finding Hope

Noah Cooper and his girlfriend, Amanda gave up their daughter for adoption when they weren't more than children themselves. Sixteen years later, Amanda receives a letter from Hope wanting to meet them both. Amanda shares the letter with Noah, giving him the opportunity to choose if he would like to meet Hope.

The Forbidden Highlands
Amy Jarecki, Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight,
Terri Brisbin, Emma Prince, Victoria Vane, Violetta Rand

MEDIEVAL:  This original, brilliant collection of Scottish Highland novellas written by eight talented historical romance authors offers the reader tales of  Celtic lore featuring forbidden love, persecution, adventure and passion, set in eighteenth-century Scotland. The authors have each contributed stories featuring characters that will transport readers to the Highlands.

A Little of Chantelle Rose

MYSTERY:  Chantelle Rose, a feisty waitress at a coffee shop, is bored with her life. When she and a high school friend take a road trip in the English countryside, they veer off the road into a bog. Luckily for them, two handsome Good Samaritans generously offer to help tow their car out and take it to a local garage.