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From shopkeeper's daughter to Comtesse de la Tresse, Marielle Matesse seems to have it all. But childless and with a husband who treats her like a fragile object, she longs for more. When English knight Ashby Fitz Waryn visits to learn about her husband's vineyards, Marielle is faced with a forbidden attraction.

Liz Thorne comes from a powerful family of witches, so it's a shock when her magic disappears. The last person she wants to turn to for help is Rafe Xuereb, the man who broke her heart four years ago, yet the two team up to track down who is attacking the Thorne family, which leads them to the Aether, a being capable of destroying all witches.

With no money to pay her father's debts, Grace Eldon indentures herself and her sister as maids to Silas Isling, the Duke of Brackenhurst. Grace works herself to the bone, but an unexpected opportunity to clean the Duke's study brings her further into his orbit. Having been scarred and maimed in a fire, Silas keeps his distance from others.

Linguist Andrea Davis finds the body of her Professor, and it doesn’t make sense. The murder is replicated exactly like an ancient tale, and there is a note pinned to the body written in Old English. When she sees the Detective in charge, she is shocked as it’s the same man she stood up. Detective Brady Lancaster is drawn to Andrea, despite what she did.

Lady Elora Brodie has done everything in her power to avoid marriage, even if it has given her the reputation as a cold, controlling woman. She will go to any lengths to avoid having to marry, even if that means going to the shipyards of Edinburgh to find help. Nathan Campbell can usually be found in the local tavern, surrounded by women aching for him to take them to bed.