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Charlaine Palmer had a happy life growing up in Jamaica, until everyone in her family is killed by a mysterious sickness. Alone in the world, Charlaine is sent to live with a close family friend in England, but upon arrival, Charlaine is made shockingly aware of just how different she is from the aristocracy she must now live amongst.

NOVELLA: Belle Boots loves horses. So much so that she has made them her life’s work by running an equine therapy practice. Looking for a change in scenery, she takes on a fixer-upper and goes against the norm of her nomadic ways in exchange for something more stable. She returns to her childhood home, Wilmington, and it’s there she meets Andrew Branfield.

Maz'hura: Book One of the Twelve Dimensions
Paul Centeno
Narrator: Courtney Holly

Captain Shirakaya is a powerful sorceress and the head of the starship Celestial. While traveling through the vastness of space, she and the crew are attacked by an alien race that’s supposed to be exiled from the territory. When she brings this news back to her leaders, she is met with skepticism. Things get worse when her powers start to weaken. The death toll grows, and her magic fades.

All His Works: On the Eighth Day
Ainny Klover
Narrators: Chris Sharpes, Derek R McEwan, Alex Berry


LGBTQ: Doctors Alec Coimhead and Clemy Armistead are best friends, and they’ve just discovered the battleground of angels and demons. This discovery thrusts them both on the adventure of a lifetime, resulting in Alec needing a bodyguard. A rather handsome and mysterious bodyguard at that. As they travel the globe, they come face to face with mythical monsters and true terror.