New Adult

FANTASY:  Prince Tir shoulders the task of being the leader of the Imarah tribe with no hesitation.  He does so because he must.  The tribe is dying and he is their last hope against the demons who come in the night to feast on souls, and the raiders who come in the day to take what remains.  Is Tir desperate enough to seek salvation in the form of a woman named Liadan, who is at once a deadly enemy but also holds the secret for ending the curse on his tribe? 

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Tir is certainly in for the adventure of a lifetime.   Ms. Connelly does a masterful job at creating a fantasy world!  Her prose is descriptive without being cloying.  The reader can imagine the world she is describing perfectly.  The author takes the reader on the journey with Tir and Liadan and is successful in making the reader feel that they are part of the story.

“Dragonblood” tends to drag in some places and the reader can be tempted to skip ahead a few pages to get to the meat of the story.  Don’t do it.  These sections are quite short and are important to the development of the story and its characters.  Instead, the reader should take advantage of these lulls to regroup.  "Dragonblood" is well written and engaging - Ms. Donnelly deserves praise for both her story and her writing!

Gwenellen Tarbet