The Divinity of Anila (The Musings Book 1)

Cloud S.
New Adult

PARANORMAL:  When eighteen-year-old Anila’s boyfriend, Levi, becomes obsessed with her, exhibiting stalker behavior practically overnight, her parents take drastic action. A mysterious stranger, a young man named Bailey, shows up the next morning to whisk her away from her parents’ home in Texas to the mansion he shares with a group of other young men and women and their caretaker, Madame Divine, in Minnesota. Along the way, Bailey confides in Anila, revealing his identity as a Muse—a supernatural creature that can influence others using only his aura. Anila learns she was born a Muse as well and must now remain with the others of her kind until she learns to control the effects of her magic on others. 


Ms. Riser’s novel is a fresh approach to the paranormal, introducing her reader to creatures differing from the typical werewolf or witch. The story unfolds from the alternating perspectives of Anila and Bailey, and the author has mastered the art of bestowing each with their own unique voice. The pacing is just right, although Anila’s training session with Bailey is skipped over, missing an opportunity to relate some history behind the Muse characters which is only hinted at vaguely in passing. The technical issues of shifting tenses and missing words in the latter part of the book are enough to detract from the story in some places, though the dialogue remains natural throughout. Readers who enjoy an original twist on the paranormal, especially one unencumbered by overblown romance or insta-love, will find this novel intriguing, with an ending that leaves them eager for the next installment.


Claudette Melanson