Dear Maggie

New Adult

Lauren Norton has moved back East from California to start her life over. She has a ten-year plan for success as a journalist, but when she arrives in town she finds a wrench in the works.  Her new boss wants her to take over the "Dear Maggie" advice column until the writer comes back from vacation. Lauren is young, smart, and witty but has never been in love or in a serious relationship — how can she possibly give advice on something she has never experienced? When her friend Abby suggests that she sign up for a dating service to research and understand the ins and outs of romance, the fun begins. 

"Dear Maggie" is an exciting read, with a very original idea. Lauren is a character readers will love to love. Her adventures — as she fills in for the vacationing love columnist and conducts her "research" — are hilarious. Each chapter begins with a letter to Maggie asking for her sage advice, which dovetails nicely with Lauren's budding romance with Kyle, a love interest from her dating service. A smooth and enjoyable read from beginning to end, author Rachael Brownell has penned a winner!  Cuddle up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the time spent with Lauren and her friends. 

L Kane