Dark Energy: Return to Becker Circle

New Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After leaving her job as a CPA in Boston, this Harvard graduate lands in Dallas, Texas and starts fresh. Gillian is hired to be the new manager for the second location of Pinkie’s bars. Pinkie has been very supportive of Gillian and has become a mentor and a great friend. The FBI enters the bar early after opening day and arrests Pinkie. Gillian must get busy to prove him innocent all while running two bar locations and managing the staff. Luckily, her supportive boyfriend Jon has some great connections and she has other friends that also pitch in during this rough patch. With a good attorney, her past college professor and Jon she hopes she can get to the bottom of the arrest before she becomes the next target of a killer.

Ms. Brae constructs a dramatic suspense in her second installment with “Dark Energy”. The heroine is a hard working and likable character. There are multitudes of characters discussed early on, and readers may feel like they are dropped in the middle of an ongoing saga without reading the first book in this series. The story is a steady arc of suspense and mystery that readers will gobble up. The supporting characters gives this story depth and a family feel for Gillian who has no family support. The added subplot with Jon heading to Los Angeles to follow his music career gives readers a glimpse into the possibility of book three and the new adventures in another new town!

Viola Robins