Dangerously Dark (The Dreamcaster Series #3)

New Adult

Quinn has to figure out what she’s going to be when she grows up. Her choices have not been successful and some time away at the family cabin may help center her and figure out some options for her future. With a huge storm predicted, her brother Isaac is not comfortable leaving her alone but she insists she will be fine and needs the time and space. When a tall, dark, handsome and bleeding man makes his way to her door, her mood changes. Quinn is sure she can help this man but the fact that he’s miles from any town (and bleeding!) keeps her cautious. She is sure he is the man from her childhood nightmares. If she can save his life maybe she can find some answers to how he’s owned her heart for all these years.

“Dangerously Dark” weaves a tale about shape shifters and dream casters in mysterious ways. Zaire is an interesting character, his search for his kidnapped nephew brings the family element forward and readers will be rooting for his success. The world building is clever, however readers may get more details about Quinn and what brings her to this crossroads if other books in this series are read first. Possible back-story to catch readers up may benefit. The plot slows in the middle but does ramp up for the ending. Quinn and her connection to Zaire takes her to heroic levels when she is out to save his nephew. The characters and world they live in with everyday humans are compelling. Fantasy and paranormal fans will enjoy this series.

Viola Robins