Dangerous Code

Stella Marie
New Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Jenna Jones is far removed from her former life as Megan, a chubby kid with crooked teeth and Asperger's syndrome. The genius doctor now specializes in the field of artificial intelligence. The first time Jenna takes her A. I. Jason on a beta test they inadvertently stop a terrorist from detonating a bomb and killing a bus full of people. When it begins to look like Jason has been compromised, the FBI believes that Jenna may be to blame. Now it's up to Jenna and her childhood crush Detective Colin O'Brien to discover who is behind the hack and put a stop to them before tragedy strikes. 


Combining steamy romance with technological thriller, "Dangerous Code" is completely engrossing — a page-turner from beginning to end! Ms. Alden's writing is honest and straightforward, much like the character of Megan herself. Readers will love the quirky and playful vibe between Jenna/Megan and Colin.  While it's evident that the two of them have great chemistry, for some readers the insta-lust may be overwhelming. One may also feel that the villain Mahmoud is flat and one dimensional.


As the book progresses, it's difficult to fathom Colin's reasons for suspecting Megan's involvement in the terrorist threat. Indeed, her Asperger's would make it unlikely for her to be a skilled liar. This book deals with difficult themes and one needs to be aware that there is a graphic depiction of sexual assault. Overall, the story is intriguing and one could easily see this as the start of a series.


Chantel Hardge