Cursed by the Moon (Shifter Rising #2)

Rebekah R.
New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Noah is from a wealthy family, but he rebels against their ideals in order to fight for his country.  Cara comes from a single mom in the South. When they meet, it is not of their  choosing, but they recognize in each other a kindred soul, albeit one with things to hide.  Each of them relives the nightmares that have robbed them of peace. Noah and Cara find strength in each other that helps encourage them to continue the fight to overcome. Life throws them together to learn how to trust and receive freedom from traumatic events.  


Readers will watch Cara and Noah go through their personal struggles to overcome what life has dealt them.  The author does a great job throughout the story unfolding the traumatic past of the characters.  Each has demons that present in various ways that give the story ebb and flow that is really quite remarkable.  Author Rebekah Ganiere tackles the reality of PTSD from both a military cause as well as civilian.  The audience can relate to the characters, all experiencing the turmoil of life that striving to overcome things that happen to change one’s future can create.  The plot builds slowly to give the reader time to enjoy the experience through the characters.  


Laura Dinsdale