The Crimson Cloak

New Adult

Interning for one of Pittsburg’s top lawyers is nothing to scoff at, especially at a young age. Elyse Grimm knows she’s just landed a coveted position and intends to prove her mettle with focus and dedication. It’s easier said than done, though, when she’s plagued by a particularly b-witchy receptionist and charmed by a handsome prince of an IT guy.

A string of bizarre attacks on women suddenly plague the city, and Elyse discovers there’s more to the mysterious disappearance of her father than she was lead to believe. As puzzle pieces fall into place, a skeleton key and hidden door reveal Elyse’s true origins. She isn’t just any Grimm, she’s descended from the Grimms and must assume her rightful place as high queen of Ever After.

The Crimson Cloak” has a truly imaginative premise. Unfortunately, it needs the help of a dedicated author/editor team. Riddled with inconsistencies, and overwhelmed with zigzagging plot elements, a stiff spring cleaning would do wonders. Single scenes come peppered with conflicting descriptions that severely interrupt the reading experience. Changes in last names, vehicle makes, and clothing descriptions happen within the space of a few paragraphs. Some character bolstering would also be beneficial. With such a unique premise, it’s worth revisiting this story, but more dedication is required to help it achieve its potential.

Sofia St. Angeles