New Adult

Ratchet is a member of the Hawthorne Guardians, a local motorcycle gang that protects the innocent.  When Lacey Daniels shows up at the clubhouse in search of a Guardian called Bear, she is barely conscious.  Bear was Lacey's protector years ago - and the Guardians made sure her father went to prison for abusing her. Lacey needs their help again: her dad is out of prison and she is terrified.  Rachet takes a special interest in wanting to keep her safe.  Despite their circumstances Lacey is drawn to Ratchet as well. If Lacey survives the threat her father poses, perhaps Ratchet could be her normal. He already knows he wants her heart.


The story is a great, short, clean read!  It does not dwell on the abuse or make it center stage in the book; instead, it makes Lacey’s fighting spirit the focus. E.A. West does a great job building a community that oozes with funny and entertaining characters to lighten the mood, although they are very serious when it comes to protecting the innocent, like Lacey.  The angle of Bear stepping in as a father figure for Lacey is fresh and heart melting.  Rachet is hard not to love on any given page.  The drawback is the length of the story - the characters lack some depth and connection to the cause of abuse.  Even so, Lacey and Rachet deliver a quick romance that is sweet as honey! 


Laura Dinsdale