Lauren E.
New Adult

In front of her audience at Carnegie Hall, Alexandria Mickelson-Fitch does everything as coached — perfect smile, perfect bow, and perfect walk to the grand piano. She plays beautifully, until after missing one note she tragically enters a tailspin of errors until she quits and runs offstage. Her father, Hugh, is furious and humiliated. Alexandria meets Wyatt McFadden, an Austin University piano teacher, who offers to help assuage her fears. She steals away from New York to Austin and accidentally meets Wyatt’s other student, Nathaniel Calloway. As a child, Nathaniel was a piano protégé, but after he is the sole survivor of a tragic plane crash he still refuses to perform for an audience. Wyatt’s experiment has Nate and Alex playing the piano together as a duo. Will this launch both their careers or will Hugh drag Alexandria back to New York to destroy her future?

“Counterpoint” is a poignant story of two lonesome people with tragic tales whose dreams come true through the magic of music. Ms. Rico suggests listening to specific pieces of music while reading this novel, which greatly enhances the emotions one feels while being drawn into the story. Nathaniel and Alexandria begin as weak characters, becoming stronger as the book progresses. Alexandria’s main impulse is to cry no matter the circumstance, which becomes tiresome. Hugh, a spiteful man, is underdeveloped with no depth knowing only manipulation through fear. Questions remain unanswered at the end of this tale. What is Alexandria not supposed to know? The description of the music Alexandria and Nathaniel play and the emotion it evokes is exceptional. A unique story and quite an enjoyable read.

Belinda Wilson