A Chaotic Courtship

New Adult

HISTORICAL:  Diana Forester is uncertain about everything, but as she reaches her twentieth year her family is more concerned with her continued single state. Still, after a short acquaintance with Mr. John Richfield in London, she is astonished to discover that not only has he decided to follow her home to the country to pursue a courtship, but that despite her inexperience with love, she has an interest in him too. Unfortunately, a highwayman is causing a stir among the local gentry and her younger siblings somehow become convinced that John is the culprit. Between keeping her siblings from causing a scandal, dealing with jealous house party guests and a family friend she once rejected, proving John’s innocence, and the highwayman himself, Diana has her hands full. Will her uncertainties prevent her from finding happiness or will her determination overcome in the end?


A sweet historical romance, “A Chaotic Courtship” is mostly set in the country outside of London and its "Season". Diana is an interesting female lead - she both is hindered by her class and propriety, but also seeks to prevent scandal surrounding John herself. Unfortunately, John lacks any outstanding qualities, which makes him completely forgettable. The romance itself is so minor that the entire thread could be removed from the story. Instead, all the conflict and plot movement is propelled by Diana and her adorably meddlesome siblings, who easily steal the spotlight from her. Still, the mystery around the highwayman is well written, the side characters bring a lot of good drama, and overall, the story is a good fluffy read.


Sarah E Bradley