BloodThorn (Fairy World MD #3)

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Olive Kennedy has returned to the human world and finds herself even more desperate than before. Working at a Texas Renaissance Festival to gather clients, her world tips sideways when the corpse of a client’s husband is found in her booth, and a fairy prince and princess turn up needing her help. After months away from Faythander, Olive thought she was free from her nightmares and the man who broke her heart. Now, with Kull back in her life and Faythander in danger once again, Olive must face Kull and figure out whom or what is stalking the Renaissance Festival before more people die.


The third book in the “Fairy World MD” series, “Bloodthorn” takes Olive and her friends back on another adventure as she learns more about controlling her abilities and faces Kull, who is changed by the events of the previous book. With a romance experiencing some major heartache, evil on the loose and a murder investigation surrounding Olive, the plot has plenty of interesting threads to keep the reader hooked. With a quick pace, and plenty of action, readers will want to read this series in order and then keep going, as this adventure will suck the reader in. Despite some confusion in the plot and the abrupt solution, lovers of YA fantasy and romance will definitely find this book worth the read.


Sarah E. Bradley