Blaze and Borne (Draghans of Firiehn Book 2)

Jenna Elizabeth

New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Continuing where “Flame and Form” (Draghans of Firiehn Book 1) left off, Brienne, Dorran and his honor guard of dragon shifters are fleeing the Morrigan and returning to Dorran’s kingdom of Firiehn. Brie is glad to be free of her enslavement but uncertain about what the future holds for her in this new realm. Will the court accept her or see her as the slave she was? Dorran clearly has feelings for her, but will they last when he returns to the throne as king? Will the witch that cursed Dorran leave them in peace, or will she threaten all they hold dear? 

Wasting no time to rehash information from the first book, the action starts immediately with Dorran, Brie and the cru-athru warriors crossing through the portal from Elié into Firiehn. Emotionally and physically scarred from her life as a slave, Brienne lacks confidence in Dorran’s affections and her worth as a person, despite his attempts to boost her confidence. This lack of confidence, while understandable, becomes wearing as it seems to be one of the main sources of conflict for the plot. The passion between Dorran and Brie is as constant and consuming as dragon fire and the tension is very well written. Unfortunately, their existing relationship is the main story arc for the novel and while it has a satisfactory ending, subplots are left hanging and readers wondering if there will be a third book in the series. Readers of Ms. Johnson’s Otherworld Series are sure to enjoy this spinoff of the Elié novels. 

Elissa Blabac