Beautifully Undone (The Beaumont Brothers Book Three)

New Adult

Alone. Angry. Lost. Asher Beaumont had nothing and no one to lean on except for Melody, his childhood best friend. His mother's recent passing sent him into an emotional tailspin, and Melody quickly became his rock as well as his soft place to land. His need for his friend grew with each passing day, and he realized his time had run out when another man began to show interest in her. Melody was bent and determined to lose her virginity. In fact, she had a date planned and ready. Asher knew he had to act or he would risk losing her forever. A deal took shape and they set into motion a series of events that would challenge their friendship and change the rest of their lives. He just prayed that they made the right decision - because once you mix friendship and pleasure there can be no turning back.

As a stand-alone addition to this series, childhood best friends Asher and Melody struggle through the highs and lows of life just as any real person might. Their insecurities and turmoil over mixed signals make their emotional ups that much sweeter and their downs that much more disappointing. The reader cannot help but root for this duo that clearly belong together, but get lost along the way to happiness. One anticipated the plotline early on in the book; however, the overall experience was still enjoyable as well as a worthwhile read.

Amy Willis