The Baby Symphony

New Adult

Lori and Clare are college roommates and attending school in Seattle, Washington. There is a frat party that Clare talks Lori into and although she’s not the party type, she agrees. When Clare runs off with another guy, Lori is stuck keeping Clare’s current boyfriend distracted. What she isn’t prepared for is he is the guy she has seen before and couldn’t get out of her head. When they spend more time together, the attraction is mutual except at perfectly wrong timing. Lori is an accomplished violinist and practicing for first chair in the orchestra. Marcos loves spending time with her but has a past he won’t discuss. Mystery or trouble Lori is soon to find out and she most likely will not like the fallout of the love triangle that she’s entered.

Ms. Bade has a creative twist of a love triangle gone awry. The main characters are perfectly relatable and act as typical college friends would. Add a handsome male character with an adorable grandmother, and ‘poof’ a blossoming, endearing relationship ensues. The plot is a steady stream of daily living and the ups and downs that come with that. Family drama, friends that come and go, adult issues, all written with great depth and feeling. The sensitive nature of having a family and including family that may not be blood related is also well represented. There are some predictable points with the babies and also a heavy emotion trigger to miscarriages. “The Baby Symphony" is a lovely story with tear-jerking loss, but also about a love that everyone hopes to find in their lifetime.

Viola Robbins