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Meg, a former media darling, moves from the west coast and rents a cottage off the coast of Maine to start a new life. After a devastating fire kills Simon’s parents, destroys his home, and leaves him scarred, he becomes a recluse working from home and renting a small cottage on his estate.

WESTERN: When Hazel receives a letter about her biological mother’s Will, she reluctantly takes a drive to small town, Maple Bay, to find out why a woman who gave her up as a baby would include her in an inheritance so many years later.  There, her and her daughter, Grace, find that Hazel must stay on the property for the summer in order for her and her newly found sister to receive their land.

The Dowager Duchess of Harrowden has requested the matchmaker sisters to secure a wife for her son, the duke. But not just any wife, a love match. Amelia Blackmore finds the idea intriguing and finds herself soon on the way to Harrowden Hall under the facade of being a companion to the Duchess.

When Harper Marquette finds herself alone the morning after a fervid night with Lucas, she realizes she may have made the same mistake as always when it comes to men. Lucas, immediately regretting his decision to leave, can only hope that Harper will forgive him and let him explain.

Magic in Mayflowers

Anne Deighton has resigned herself to becoming a spinster. Her two engagements ended tragically, so she sees nothing in her future. In fact, she welcomes the quiet life that awaits her. However, she wants to match her sister, Beth, to a wealthy gentleman of title and means so the same fate doesn’t befall her sibling.