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Ian Graham and
Marc A. Hutchins

Teenaged martial arts expert, Macy Davis is not the type to look away if she sees something bad happening in her high school, or anywhere else. She’s the one to do something about it. Comic book artist, Patrick Newell, is smart and too observant for his own good. He can see the dark element hovering behind the scenes in Port Saint Dominic, nudging the city toward deprivation and decay.

It’s possible to live the simple life even in a place as magnificent as Venice, or so Cara thought. As a wetlands ecologist, Cara cares more for the nesting grounds of migratory birds than for the politics of Venice’s shape-shifter Guardians. But destiny has other plans for her and her inner lion.

More than one kind of evil is lurking in a small African American community in the post-war South. When brutal animalistic maulings begin to out-number Ku Klux Klan lynchings, whispers of a "bogeywolf" drift through town.

NOVELLA: Ex SEAL, Zane Kelly is suddenly awakened by another joining him on this boat, where he didn’t think anyone could find him for the time being. Zane is a military trained dog handler sent home without his trusted canine companion. He is perfect for finding out what happened to another dog trainer that seems to be missing.

Rugged Thirst

Geri Bourne is a widower left to keep her husband’s dream alive of running a cattle ranch. The ranch is located on the Central Coast of California, during a hard drought. This has Geri spinning. When the ranch next to hers sells to a big city developer she learns that the land surveyor has the property lines incorrect and she suddenly has no well to water her land.