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Tara Varela is a young forest ranger who has been keeping some unusual skills hidden. Whenever she plays the small mysteriously carved flute gifted to her by her Lakota mentor, she can hear the exquisite voice of an alluring stranger singing to her. Tara’s life changes dramatically when she learns that magic is real and so is the man in her visions.

Why run from love? Ten years ago, twenty-year-old Clarissa Black ran away from her centuries-old dragon lover when he offered her protection, power, and everlasting love. Nathaniel had rescued Clarissa, an orphan and a street singer, and nurtured her own latent powers as a witch.

Olivia Banner’s life as a single mom of twin boys already has too many colliding factors, like working at the bakery and going back to school to find a more solid career, so having a family and an ex-husband constantly butting in on her love-life does not seem to help.

FANTASY: Twelve ruthless creatures are ripping their way from their tombs to reclaim the human world. They are known as the Zodia. These monsters vow to capture anyone born under their star sign and gain vengeance on Aries, the one that set them into their extensive and unwanted sleep.

ZOMBIES: Helena has had a tough childhood and has lived as an outcast in her family. She never felt like she belonged, and was always living in the shadows of her younger siblings. Helena finds a home with G.R.I.T., a local motorcycle club, who make her feel alive and a part of their close-knit family. She also found real love there, and a father figure she has always wanted.