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Cassius de Wolfe is not only a renowned warrior, but even King Edward himself has joked about Cassius’ good looks and the effect he has on women. Cassius is the Lord Protector of King Edward and is tasked with bringing a message to the Duke of Doncaster. He intends to deliver the message and then be on his way. His time in the village attracts the vicious, Amata. Cassius rejects her advances.

LGBTQ: Niall has become quite the popular playwright in London! He is amongst the most talented and fabulous people, but he still feels empty. Then he receives a letter from his former lover, Lord Blake. It has been more than ten years since they last saw each other—which happened to be the moment when Blake broke his heart. But now Blake needs Niall's help.

Reeling from the horrific murder of his daughter and dog and the unsolved disappearance of his wife, Jack Slaughter leaves SFPD to become a private detective. Agreeing to follow a socialite's husband and provide pictures to help her bypass their prenuptial agreement, Jack is led to a nightclub holding a drag queen competition.

Hawk, leader of the Elite Warriors, is believed cursed by an evil witch to shift into a half demon half dragon beast who can only be tamed by a sacred mate’s bond.

Being forced to raise her baby sister because of their drunken depressed mom's inability to do so, and losing her fiancé in a tragic climbing accident contributes to photographer Melody's fear of motherhood and commitment. Being left at the altar puts Parker off romance for a while but doesn’t extinguish his desire to settle down.