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This story is a continuation of "Miller's View", a previous work by the author. It begins with a long prologue, intended to review the events of the first book.

Brooke is a match-maker for the company Toujour, in its US branch. She loves what she does and is terribly disappointed when the office is threatened with closure due to lack of interest.

Wishing On Baby Dust

Megan has been dealing with infertility for six years. She is getting tired of fighting with the ups and downs of insanity-provoking hormones and unanswered prayers.

Life is not going as expected for Bree Logan. After graduating college she had hoped to to find a job in her chosen field and marry her live-in boyfriend.

Synergeist: The Haunted Cubicle
Daniel M.

After Millicent Able died at work, she woke up in her little cubicle torn between two songs that called to her and unable to decide which to choose.