Reviews - Mystery

Mallory Larsen is back living at home after finding her fiancé in bed with her maid of honor.

Jackson Stiles is a P.I. who will stop at nothing to solve a case.

Robin Lyons is a successful young author with a mission - and an obsession. He longs to learn of his past, his heritage, and the truth of who his parents were. In an effort to uncover this long-kept secret and gain inspiration for his new novel, he invites an exclusive group of guests to Danforth house for a weekend of mystery and intrigue.

Margaritas and Murder

CHICK-LIT:  Sunny Truly’s life is finally coming together again after a humiliating divorce, and she’s enjoying her new job as a trainee PI.  What she didn’t expect, though, was that she’d have to use her

Genealogy researcher Lily Gayle Lambert is about to have dinner with her cousin when they come across the dead body of what could only be described as a wolfman.