Reviews - Mystery

Newlyweds Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton decide that a second honeymoon is in order.

On Edge

An American military Colonel is killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the suspected killer is a liaison with the Afghan military.  The number of “Green on Blue” (Afghan vs.

Puerto Rican jockey Victor Mendosa is about to be indicted for the felony murder of his brother, Roberto. It’s alleged that Victor caused his brother's death in a fixed horse race. Attorney Michael Knight represents Victor, and he has a personal stake in the outcome - Victor is his cousin.

Sammy Egret’s brother Walter is found dead after he leaves a cryptic message about their missing father’s pocket watch.

Private Investigator (Eddie) Shoes and her old friend Dakota haven't seen each other since high school when a horrific accident changed both their lives. Eddie dropped out of school and left town, creating a new life for herself. Nearly ten years later, Dakota reappears, calling from Bellingham jail and asking Eddie for help.  She needs someone to bail her out and find the person stalking her.