Reviews - Mystery

Kit Hanover is a Native American who always wanted to be a police officer. She has a very loving and supporting family who supported her in this endeavor. Kit is a new homicide detective, who is paired with a racist, crusty veteran partner on her first murder case. Her partner continues to antagonize and torment Kit.

Divinely Dramatic
Sandra L.

Marcy, creative salesclerk for Divine Vintage, can see auras! Asked to fill-in as costume designer for a community play, she's anticipating the challenge of pulling together period costumes. However, she's not anticipating a prickly, divine looking director with a pulsing red aura and gorgeous girlfriend, or the eerie, luminous white aura in the costume loft.

Once Upon A Crime

A serial killer is stalking the streets of Fort Worth. P.G is targeting sex offenders and taunting Detective Madison Chase with bad poetry, and leaving headless pedophiles as a calling card. Hunting down the killer would be just part of her job, but unfortunately, this killer soon sets its sights on Maddie’s 4-year-old daughter, Emily, and makes it personal.

When a group of fifth graders experiment with a new drug on a camping trip, the result is tragic, and it devastates a small town. Ken Parks, Assistant Superintendent, is determined to figure out where the kids got the drugs, and prevent another tragedy happening to anyone else. When an arrest is made, Ken is convinced that they have not caught the right person.

URBAN FANTASY: Bram Farrell is a private investigator better known as Raven or The Raven. He was born in Fictionland, a figment of an author’s imagination, as are all fictional characters. But Raven has become more real. He lives in the real world now, in Detroit, and is becoming more human by the day.