You Are to Decide

Walt March, Antony Sturdee,
Claire Gowen


"You Are to Decide" is meant to be about a man as he tries to unravel the mystery of the deaths of his wife and child. It is instead a discourse on the forces of God and Satan intermixed with awful poetry wrapped up in a fictional tale. The writing style is either very bizarre or in desperate need of editing. Though written in first person there is no sense of the man telling the story. The writing very distantly, as in the far side of the galaxy, aspires to be told in the genre of noir crime fiction mixed with the paranormal, but falls extremely short of that goal. Add in the prose that is dropped onto every page and this story is nigh unreadable. After slogging through 30% of the book, the reader is left so confused that finishing the book is near impossible.


Carol Conley/ Rose Mary Espinoza