Witness to my Heart


Abi Peterson lives with a secret. Her identity is hidden for good reason. Even locked away, Zerilli, a psychotic mob boss, has eyes everywhere. She put him behind bars, and he wants revenge. Seven years pass. Always diligent and wary, Abi has found a comfortable life, but when her condo catches fire the wheels of fate are set in motion and her past—good and bad—collide.

The wheels on this story leave the ground with a fast pace. The action starts with an excellent female lead who gears readers to cruising speed immediately. Heartbreakingly, Abi’s character shatters into an emotional wreck. As the novel is written from her POV, readers are stuck within her sullen thoughts. Character reactions don’t knit together. Abi hears devastating news and is having a panic attack, then a minute later indulging in passionate sex with the hero. There’s too much posturing and not enough plot until three quarters of the way through the novel. An important plot point is revealed at thirty-two percent (kindle verbiage) instead of delivered in a powerful “ah-ha” moment to surprise the reader. Errors with phraseology, a tanker truck of tears, and too many “breath blowing in faces and tugging on bottom lips” may be a challenge for readers. Abi’s secret identity and motivation to move on is beaten into pulpy repetitiveness. With a stringent stroke to polish out the storyline, “Witness to my Heart” will be a five star read. 

Ms. Flowers has an exceptionally good handle on creating a sexy leading man and a talented pen for action scenes, the beginning and the powerful end, is top shelf reading. 

Natasza Waters