Winter Song (Season Pass Book 1)

Susan C.

Detective Noah Daugherty is convinced that there is more to the simple murder of a local socialite than meets the eye. His partner believes otherwise, and is ready to shut the case but for Noah's refusal to let it go. He is determined to find the real culprit, but as he digs deeper into the mystery the murderer decides that Noah is a liability to his escape and is determined to eliminate him at all cost. Will Noah be able to escape the murderer’s evil plot or will he be the next victim? 


“Winter Song” is the beginning of a wonderful new series! The plot is unique, intricate, and will keep readers riveted. Each page builds upon the next and the story continually creates an innovative world of the police procedurals genre. The characters are distinctive, well thought out, and make the story flow without dragging or speeding through the important sections. Author Susan C. Muller has an amazing way with words! Readers will be left feeling excited about what will happen next in the life of Noah Daugherty. The only thing “Winter Song” suffers from is the lack of background information for a few of the main characters. Readers may find themselves wanting more so they can understand why some characters react to certain situations. Readers of police procedural mysteries will fall in love with “Winter Song” and will be eagerly anticipating the next book in the series. 


Mary-Nancy Smith