A Wicked Truth (Cady Delafield #3)


HISTORICAL:  Cady and her fiancé Doyle are trying to settle into pre-wedding domestic bliss, but it seems as if trouble follows her on one side, and comes begging him for help on the other. Set in the late 1800’s Chicago, Cady and Doyle are the upper crust of society, her through her grandmother, him through hard work. Both have had to fight for what they have, and while fighting for each other, they also fight for those taken advantage of by the underbelly of the Windy City.


Though not immediately obvious to the reader, this is a continuing series with Cady and Doyle and their adventures. Unlike other tales, there is no information dumping and no holes left by references to previous events. Sprinkled flawlessly within the story—where it is relevant—the background necessary from the first book is woven with perfection. It seems to be much more about Doyle, his actions and assistance, than Cady’s, though her name graces the series. This tale of kidnapped children sold for pleasure may make some readers uncomfortable, even hidden within an historical, and though not told in graphic detail, there is enough to spread tingles of unease. The bad guys are bad, but not without reasons of their own that will make sense, even while horrifying readers. Cady and Doyle are a beautifully rendered couple, always on each other’s side, fully supportive against the outside world. Their backstory only makes one want to rush to pick up the first story to discover what hijinks led to two such remarkable people finding their better half. This is an amazing read!


Julie York