When Oceans Rage - A Women at the Helm Mystery


Jill Morrell receives some shocking news - her father, who is in prison for murder, has gifted her a fishing boat. Jill can’t understand why, and worst of all, her father does not want her contacting him either. Jill gives up her job as the Drone Division Supervisor for Baldur Industries, leaving everything behind. Upon arriving in Vancouver Island to check out her trawler, Jig’s Up, it is love at first sight. With her mind made up, she decides to stay. Jill hopes that she can get the ship running. One big problem though is Ray Stewart, the stepson of the man her father killed. Jill is suspicious of him, knowing that he must have an ulterior motive. Ray does want ownership of the craft and will do whatever it takes to get it, but love gets involved, messing up the best well laid plans, putting them both in danger.

This is an amazing, suspenseful mystery told magnificently! The story moves effortlessly with great plot twists and gripping adventure that will leave the reader breathless for more! The writing is spot-on, and anything nautical is told in a way that is easy enough to understand if one knows nothing about boat and sailing. The imagery is wonderful and it’s not difficult to see everything - including the sea-worthy vessel. Jill, the pragmatic, wise heroine, might have tons of trust issues, but she still manages to be winsome and relatable. Things are not easy for Jill either; she might be smart in technology, but is so out of her depth in fishing. Ray, the smooth-talking hero might be attractive, but trusting him is another matter. A beautifully crafted sea-faring story that is a marvelous tale from beginning to end!

Roslynn Ernst