When Mountains Fall (A Woman at the Helm Mystery #2)


Widow Camryn Hudson is miserable watching her son slip into a state of depression. He just wants to go home. Since her husband's sudden death they have been living with her in-laws, but now it is time to return to the marina in Waka Bay and revive their business. They have many friends that visit annually and Camryn knows she can count on them. However, a mysterious boat has been making appearances in the bay, and mysterious gifts are appearing at the marina, in a growing collection. Camryn needs to solve the murder that her husband is accused of and restore his good name. Is the wildly remote bay too much for her to keep up on her own?

Ms. Anderson has penned a phenomenal tale in “When Mountains Fall”. The mysterious gifts, the murderer that no can pin down and the reoccurrence of an unknown boat to the bay will keep readers flipping the pages until the very end. The bay and the marina are very well described and the ties to the ancient relics that are gifted to them are another great twist in the story. The boating knowledge is a great treat also. The abundance of characters that are mentioned may overwhelm readers but do not distract from the overall tale. The budding romance that is depicted is also tasteful and well written, with its own twist that lends drama to the story. This is definitely an author that readers will want to follow! 

Viola Robins