Walls of Ash

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Tamsin’s parents died when she was very young in an unexplainable accident, and she was raised by her uncle and aunt in their ancestral home. She felt the presence of her mother and imagined that her parents were watching over her. But often an eeriness would overcome her and make her feel uneasy. When Otto Eckhardt tries to court her she rejects him. He becomes violent and threatens her. Then her home is burned to the ground and her dear uncle and aunt perish in the blaze. Who did this?  Was it Eckhardt or some other evil?
Julian had been off in India taking care of the family’s tea plantations. He loved the exotic beauty of that country and its people and planned to go back to run the operations there. He was in England to oversee the family holdings and to teach his younger brother how to run the business. Julian had known Tamsin since childhood and now was drawn to her redheaded vibrant beauty and her lively spirit.
Newberry draws the reader into this tale of loss and love with a mix of evil and fear. The author describes the ancestral home of Rhineholt and the countryside so beautifully that the reader feels like they are there in person. The details of India are intriguing and give the country a sense of adventure and exotic beauty. Amber Newberry describes a love affair with passion and tenderness.

Rose Mary Espinoza