Waking Up in Medellin


Nikki Garcia is one of the best corporate auditors in the business.  When she is sent by headquarters to investigate possible mismanagement of one of the branch offices in Columbia, she knows that she will have her work cut out for her.  She is prepared for the roadblocks that will be erected against her as a woman in a male-dominated culture. 

What she isn’t prepared for is the depth of mystery and intrigue that awaits her in the warm sultry climes of Medellin.  Little does she know that she will have to put her life on the line to reveal the truth behind several deaths.  She finds an unlikely ally in the form of suave and world-wise Eduardo.  But will he be enough to save her?

Ms. Lane has penned an intelligent and cohesive mystery in “Waking Up in Medellin”.
Nikki Garcia is a woman who knows her job and is a complex and fascinating character.  The plot is complex without being confusing, and although the pacing lags at times, this minor flaw does not interfere with the suspense and overall enjoyment inherent in the story.  Eduardo is a lovely touch in the story line.  Supportive without being over-bearing, he is a love interest who helps with the progression of the story and their relationship is allowed to build as a natural part of the plot without feeling forced.  All-in-all a great read.

Gwenellen Tarbet