Wages of Greed (Danny Whitehorse/Jason Stevens #1)

Steve J.

NATIVE AMERICAN:  Danny Whitehorse is a lawyer with a practice on the verge of folding when he is hired to find out why Gannon Oil has stopped paying royalties to the Navajo nation from the oil pipes within the reservation. In doing so, he opens the proverbial can of worms that could cost him his life. Enter Jason Stevens, his best friend from law school who takes the cudgels for his friend to get justice for the families of those who have suffered.


Just when one thinks the suspense is over, another suspenseful scene crests and gives the reader another nail biting moment! The story is divided into several parts, and sub plots cleverly woven to tighten the story, allowing each part to feed into the next. It is a clever use of writing which allows the author to introduce the rest of the secondary characters who all play pivotal roles in the story’s development. 


This could have been perfect in every way except for the fact that early on, there were sections wherein the author used head hopping, which lead to a momentary sense of confusion as to whose point of view is being discussed. Several paragraphs that were meant to be dialogue do not have quotation marks to differentiate between what the character is doing from what he is saying.  A matter of semantics, perhaps, but it spells the difference between a frustrating read and a perfect and enjoyable one.


Written by Steven J. Clark, “Wages of Greed” is a thriller worthy of its genre with suspense given in spades.


M.P. Ceja