Reviews - Mystery

Edith Weller, “Edy”, is a journalist who lands a life in the posh Silver Sands of Miami. Living with her adopted grandmother, Ooma Lovee, and adopted daughter, Sunny. Edy is experiencing a dream life until the double murder of the wealthiest penthouse owners. Edy and the other residents of the Silver Sands must provide information to the police as to the goings on of the uber rich.

Sarah James is a doctor in her second year of residency at a local hospital. She lives in an apartment building that consists mostly of elderly people. The ladies are the Fog Ladies, and they solve mysteries. While on vacation at a family resort, Sarah meets a couple with a young child.

All That Glitters
Linda Bennett

HISTORICAL:  “All That Glitters” ushers Sarah Anne into a household of rules and secrets. As the governess of a child ignored by her parents, Sarah Anne begins to uncover the reasons behind the little girl’s family-diagnosed insanity. However, the disappearance mystery of the previous governess has Sarah Anne curious about what will become of her.

Karina Cardinal is overworked and overtired. She's set to go to Mexico for her vacation, except her sister broke her leg and can no longer join her. Her FBI boyfriend is on a case, and her good friend is doing the Disney thing with the kids. About to cancel, her co-worker, Rodrigo, decides to join her. Meanwhile, her elderly neighbor asks Karina to pick up her mail while she's gone.

Jenny Goodnight

HISTORICAL/WESTERN:  Jenny Goodnight, a missionary, is asked by her aunt to go to Legacy California to find out what her Uncle Matthew is doing. Jenny feels an obligation to her family even though her uncle deserted her.  When she arrives in Legacy and sees that Matthew is threatened by John Henry Evans, she pulls a gun on him. Jenny does not trust John nor does he trust her.